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Loved, Local, Trusted

Posted by Andrew Fouracre | 27/06/2013 | Category: Community Matters

Who is loved, local and trusted in your community?

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The energy saving co-operative

Posted by Maryann Denfhy | 20/05/2013 | Category: Community Matters

Find out how to save energy with The energy saving co-operative

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Members meetings - get involved!

Posted by Maryann Denfhy | 17/04/2013 | Category: Community Matters

Find out how you can get involved at your local Members' Meeting

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Fairtrade Fortnight

Posted by Phil Hills | 25/02/2013 | Category: Community Matters

Fairtrade Fortnight has begun! We're giving 20% off our range of Fairtrade products. How will you be taking a step for Fairtrade? 

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Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Stephen Beresford | 18/01/2013 | Category: Community Matters

Got a question for us? Find the answer or ask us here.

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