Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Stephen Beresford | 18/01/2013 | Category: Community Matters

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we receive from our customers which may help you.

If I forget to use my Co-operative Membership card when shopping, how can I earn my points?

On your next visit to the store, bring your till receipt with you and your Co-operative Membership card and we will be able to add the points for you. 

If a return visit isn’t possible, then simply email us at with your till receipt details and Co-operative Membership card number and we can look after this request for you.  You’ll find all of the relevant information that we need on the very bottom line of your till receipt.

I have a question on my Co-operative Membership card, who can I speak to?

Call the membership helpline on 0800 050 1601 for all questions relating to membership, your membership card, your share of the profits statement and share of the profits vouchers and any of the membership correspondence that we issue.

I have some feedback on a Co-operative brand product.  Who can I tell?

You’ll find contact details on the packaging, which include a telephone number, an email address and a freepost address.  The team would love to hear from you.

Why are some of the products in your special offers leaflet not available in my local store?

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.  Not every store will support our full product range and some of our offers are not available in our convenience stores.  We do try to ensure that the key offers are available in the majority of our stores.

I’m not sure that I’ve been charged correctly on my receipt today.  Who should I tell?

Our store team can deal with any query on transactions on your next visit.  If you’re unable to return to your local store, then please have the receipt information to hand from the very bottom of your receipt and quote it to us in an email, along with the location of the store and the details of your query.  Our email address is We can talk to you during office hours about this too.  Please call 01543 414140.

I’m unhappy with the service I’ve received in your store today.  Who can I tell?

Our store managers are keen to know when their team has let you down, however, if it’s easier for you email us then please get in touch at, letting us know which store your comments relate to.  We’d rather know when we’ve made a mistake, so please tell us about your shopping experience.  If you are able to call during office hours, our telephone number is 01543 414140.

I want to apply for a vacancy within Midlands Co-operative Society and I’m unsure who I should speak to.

Please visit our careers page online.  If you can’t see the information you require, please email us at or ask us in the comments box below.