Members meetings - get involved!

Posted by Maryann Denfhy | 17/04/2013 | Category: Community Matters

Members are the key stakeholders of our Society. As a co-operative, members all have an equal say on how we’re run, all have one vote, and enjoy a share of the profits.

Our annual Members’ Meetings are coming up and it provides a key event for members to come to a meeting in their area. It’s not just a chance to listen to company updates, but to ask questions to the board of directors, to socialise with other members, vote, and sample some co-operative food! There’ll also be some discount vouchers to pick up on the day.

Don’t hesitate to come along with your membership card to see more of what we’re about. We’re not just a food store as some of our customers may see us as, but an independent society with co-operative values and principals.

Prior to the meetings, you can vote in elections for local member relations committees and regional committees. Find out who is up for election in your region and see the list of stores/venues where you can vote

Are you coming? Tell us which region in the comments section below.