The energy saving co-operative

Posted by Maryann Denfhy | 20/05/2013 | Category: Community Matters

Did you know...

The UK has some of the oldest, least energy-efficient homes in Europe – 26 million of them, with average fuel bills of £1,420 per year (up 170% over the past 9 years, and rising fast). Our homes and other buildings are responsible for nearly 50% of the UK’s energy demand and carbon emissions.


Energy demand from buildings can be reduced to net zero using existing technologies and at reasonable cost via a combination of:

• ‘Powering Up’: renewable energy generation, such as wind, solar and hydro power
• ‘Powering Down’: energy saving, such as insulation and efficient heating, ventilation and appliances.

We need to both Power Up and Power Down to transition to a secure, resilient, low carbon energy future.

I recently met Ewan from The energy saving co-operative at our Members’ Meeting last week. He founded The energy saving co-operative when he realised that organisations need to be focused on saving energy, rather than selling it. Ewan opted for the co-operative business model as the buildings as well as the skills needed to retrofit them with energy saving material are both local. Here he is!

Midlands Co-operative is committed to investing in and supporting The energy saving co-operative and they are working with regions in our trading area like Birmingham, Lichfield, Nottingham and Loughborough. They also provide an ideal complement to The Co-operative Energy (watch this space for more info) to provide a full 'co-operating to save energy' solution.

The energy saving co-operative provides homeowners and communities with the power to save energy by:

• Giving free and honest advice on energy saving improvements
• Installing through trusted local tradespeople, benefitting the local community;
• Providing fair and ethical finance for those who need it.

Find out more about how The energy saving co-operative work with other communities to save energy, return profits to their members through dividends and generate income for our co-operative and community members who introduce us to new customers here.