The Rocket Hearse

Posted by Stephen Beresford | 15/02/2013 | Category: Funeral Care

Here at Midlands Co-operative Funeralcare, we see funerals as a celebration of life. We're here to help no matter what your or your loved one's wishes are. Have you ever thought about how you'd like to go? 

We'd like to share one of our more unique options, the Rocket Hearse. It’s a popular choice for motorcycle enthusiasts as well as those who wish to have an unconventional funeral for themselves or their loved ones. Originally a Triumph Rocket III motorcycle, the aptly named ‘Rocket Hearse’ was professionally adapted so that it could robustly carry a coffin aboard the motorbike. It once broke Guiness’ record for World’s Fastest Motorcycle Hearse travelling at 114.1 mph. Take a look here:

Midlands Co-operative Society operates 88 Funeral Homes, a Crematorium and a Coffin Factory. Anyone who would like to hire the Rocket Hearse can contact Funeral Services on 0121 359 4069.


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