Fantastic February!

Posted by Phil Hills | 01/02/2013 | Category: Retail Food

This month there’ll be a succession of events for us to celebrate in the space of one week! All of them provide a chance for us to celebrate and eat delicious food with friends and family.

10th Feb – Chinese New Year – 2013 brings the year of the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac. Those born in the year of the Snake are thoughtful and wise, who approach problems logically. Your local Midlands Co-operative food store will have a range of ingredients to knock up an easy-to-cook tasty Chinese dish!

12th Feb – Pancake Day - Pancakes were traditionally made as the ingredients: milk, eggs, and sugar were seen as rich ingredients, which had to be used up before fasting began for Lent. Here’s an easy recipe for fluffy pancakes, my fave.

14th Feb – Valentine’s Day - Happy Valentine’s Day! This day isn’t just a time for couples to get cosy; it’s an opportunity to get together with any of your loved ones, be it family or friends! Avoid the over-priced and over-crowded restaurants and dine in for £10 with our meal deal for 2. It includes a main dish, side dish, dessert and drink.

How will you be celebrating these events? Let us know in the comments section below.