Mission Firefly - a winning project

Posted by Maryann Denfhy | 22/03/2013 | Category: Retail Food

PRmoment.com’s Golden Hedgehog awards celebrates work within the communications industry. We were awarded with 'Best use of video' for an internal video we produced in-house for this project! The project also won the award for Employee Engagement from the 2013 Marketing Society Awards for Excellence!

A team was formed to breathe new life into an internal scheme we have, now called Mission Firefly. Colleagues at the BSC were asked to sign-up to become a ‘Firefly’, helping at the business front line pre Christmas and in January.  A full suite of communications materials were developed as part of the campaign to create excitement around the sign-up and explain the campaign.  A Mission Firefly video formed part of the communications materials and was instrumental to the campaign’s success. See the intro here:

The video stars our very own colleagues and uses a bit of humour echoing Harry Enfield’s Mr Cholmondley-Warner sketches of the 1990s, which spoofed early public service films. It directly addressed colleagues’ views that our current internal scheme was old fashioned and outdated. It ends with the contrasting footage about the new Mission Firefly scheme.

The video was used in team meetings at head office and in-store as well as being accessible via our intranet. 

The number of volunteers we had increased more than eight times on the 40 taking part the previous year and 187 stores were supported, up from six in the previous year. In total 378 days/shifts were carried out by volunteers.

Well done to our in-house graphic designer who produced the video and to Team Firefly!