Celebrating positive change during Big Share Week

Posted by Stephanie Forrester | 26/02/2018 | Category: Community

Members of the Shared Services team at Central England Co-operative are celebrating their recent team innovations during Shared Services Forum UK’s Big Share Week, which takes place from 26th February to 2nd March.

The team has been working together on continuous improvement to provide a better service to Central England Co-operative’s customers, members, colleagues and stakeholders.

The initiative has been going for 18 months and teams have been getting together to discuss problems, eliminate bottlenecks and work together in a mutually-supportive and more efficient way.

All colleagues have had ownership of the project with the opportunity to contribute by suggesting ways to become more effective. This has in turn helped the team work better together, with everyone having a stake in making positive change.

One of the key innovations which helped to create improvements has been team meetings, known as ‘huddles’.

A Shared Services team huddle is now held regularly where colleagues can talk about what they are doing that day, how best to complete it, possible obstacles and ways to overcome them. Sometimes colleagues from other parts of the business are invited along to help with on-the-spot problem solving.

The huddles are also a brilliant opportunity for the team to bond and share how they are feeling and to support each other on a personal as well as a professional level.

In addition to improving the service provided by the team as a whole, individual achievements are now recognised with clear targets for colleagues and everyone is motivated by the fact that new personal bests are now regularly beaten. These changes have brought the team closer together as they celebrate their daily successes.

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