How to get the best out of snacks and nibbles this festive season

Posted by Rob Smyth | 03/11/2016 | Category: Community

The festive season is one that proves popular in terms of people reaching for snacks and nibbles.

Christmas Day and the advent of the party season often means people want food that they can enjoy quickly and easily.

Also, with the arrival of the cold weather and dark nights, people will retreating indoors and enjoying a few tasty treats as they watch a family film or work through a box set.

Those who have to be in the office and have gone off to work in the dark and cold are often cheered by a biscuit to dunk with a coffee or nibbles to get us through an afternoon energy dip.

If you are travelling over the holiday period, remember that homemade snacks will be a lot cheaper than food from a service station or on a train.

However, savoury snacks, sweet biscuits, confectionery and sweets are in the top 20 of most wasted foods and by avoiding snack waste UK households could save themselves £410 million each year.

Here are some hint and tips on how to be snack and nibble smart this winter:

• Remember to check best before dates and also, once opened, foods should be stored in airtight containers, or in bags with a good seal or clip on them.
• Do not put too much food out! Put out a small selection so food does not go soggy. Also if you have any leftovers make use them to make banana bread of nutty veggie couscous.
• Pick simple recipes where food can be cut into bite sized portion to save money, time and waste.
• Cocktail sticks or skewers make eating nibbles easy and also save on washing up. They are also a sneaky way to make simple leftover bits and pieces look more appetising.
•  One way to prevent food waste is to send your guests off with a goody bag.

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