Journey to a job

Posted by Maryann Denfhy | 12/08/2013 | Category: Community

IGD’s Feeding Britain’s Future initiative is recognising the food industry as a great place to work. The total food industry provides more than 3.7 million jobs in the UK, that’s one out of every seven jobs. We’re getting involved in Feeding Britain’s Future, Skills for Work month to help young people:

1. Find a job
2. Get a job
3. Keep a job

We will be holding workshops where they can learn about:

  • How to use the Job Centre and social media to find a job
  • How to write a CV
  • Interview skills
  • Personal organisation
  • A day in the life of a Co-operative food store colleague
  • Why working for a co-operative is different
  • Business etiquette

...and many more useful skills in finding, getting and keeping a job.

Workshops are being carried out at selected stores through September:

5th-6th September – Lichfield and Ripley
12th-13th September – Glenfield
19th-20th September – Atherstone and Erdington
26th-27th September – Glenfield

Get in touch with the local job centre or email for more information.