Martyn’s Bloom Pledge

Posted by Nathan Lloyd | 03/06/2016 | Category: Community

Our Chief Executive, Martyn Cheatle, shares with us his Bloom commitments for a healthy, balanced lifestyle......

"I’d like to take the opportunity to share my health and wellbeing journey with you, as I continue to make a conscious effort to improve it and lead a healthier lifestyle.

For me, it is all about keeping it simple.  Everything, no matter how small, counts.  I made my #mycooppledge to maintain a healthy balanced diet which I am trying hard to stick to because it matters to me – for today and the future.

As an employer, we also have a role to play in supporting our colleagues health and wellbeing.  They are essential to the Society’s success and therefore I am keen to make sure we are all well motivated and healthy, which is key to driving that success.

We spend a vast proportion of our lives at work, particularly in daylight hours (so my wife Alison keeps reminding me!) and I want to ensure we are supporting all our colleagues, so that they all get fantastic job satisfaction at the end of a good day – that’s certainly my aim.

We are investing in their health and wellbeing through a number of channels such as, Bloom, our health and wellbeing initiative, or through colleague rewards and benefits.  We hope that they will take advantage of the information and tools available, make a #mycooppledge and we hope that they share their health and wellbeing feedback.

To be at my best…

I aim to exercise three times a week, whether that is going to the gym, taking part in a spin class or walking at lunchtime.
I really enjoy walking so once a year, Alison and I spend a week, normally in Yorkshire, and walk for miles. 
I always eat a healthy lunch (well most days!) and I make sure I have a balanced diet – sticking to #mycooppledge.
I cut out tea and coffee a couple of years ago and I only drink water at work.  I may sample a beer or two in the evening though!"

We are interested in learning more about what is important to you and how we can support your health and wellbeing, so please email and share your thoughts.


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