The 100 wackiest Cat & Dog Pet Names – Part 1 (Cats)

Posted by Nathan Lloyd | 09/06/2014 | Category: Community

Our feline friends seem to have not only taken over the internet but they seem to have been subtlety taking over the human race for the last two millennia.

In our futile quest to cling onto some control, people have a history of giving their beloved cats a myriad of weird and wacky names.

For every clowder of cats called Oscar, there will be a Sir Oswald Wigglesworth, which sounds slightly trickier to shout at midnight at the back door when Sir Wigglesworth hasn’t returned from his late night stroll!

To celebrate National Pet Month (April 1st – May 5th) I visited the cat laden internet to compile my favourite 50 unconventional cat names.  These are listed below in no particular order; after all, what may be weird to one, will be completely normal to somebody else!

If you have a favourite or you own a cat with an unusual name, we would love to hear from you and you can get in contact via the form below.

Here are those fabulous 50 feline names:

1. Clawdius                  

2. Edward Scissorpaws          

3. Abbie Dabbie Doo    

4. Eartha Kitty        

5. Kung Fu Kitty

6. Tobee Ken Kenobe  

7. Clawed Monet                      

8. Chairman Meaow    

9. Door Stop            

10. Ozzy Pawsbourne

11. Mittens Ninja        

12. Colonel Mustard                

13. Mr Meowgi                

14. Speedbump        

15. Corporal Cuddles

16. Fuglee                    

17. Cat Masterson                    

18. Tape W.Orm          

19. Princess Kevin  

20. Spam

21. Frisky McCracken

22. Tobee Wan Kenobe            

23. Milkshake              

24. Doctor Doom      

25. Otto F Domesticus

26. Mittens Ninja        

27. Bumper Steak Wise          

28. Platter Puss          

29. Thug Master K  

30. Fairydust Calia Lily

31. Lazy Destroyer      

32. Sunny Summersunburst    

33. Johnny Neckbone

34. Bouncy Castle    

35. Lucky Coffeebeans

36. Sir Lix-a-Lot          

37. Archie the magical rhino  

38. Moo Juice              

39. Rusty Nail          

40. Captain Jumbo Shrimp

41. Doctor Doom        

42. Arnold Swartzanibbler        

43. Mr Ambulance      

44. General Bonkers

45. Mr Moustache

46. Dave                      

47. Sir Oswald Wigglesworth 

48. Marmite                

49. Tuna Catserole   

50. Calista Flockwhiskers

Thanks for reading and here is the link to the 50 weirdest Dog names, some of which have to be seen to be believed!

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