Central England Co-op celebrates great food and ethical trading during Fairtrade Fortnight

Posted by Heather Clapton | 19/02/2018 | Category: Fairtrade

Colleagues at Central England Co-op will be working with hundreds of children in schools and food stores to complete an Ethical Challenge. The challenge gets pupils thinking about the people who grew their food and how far it has come, as well as making them aware that buying Fairtrade goods means fair prices for farmers in the developing world. Fairtrade provides farmers with a premium to invest in the development of their community, whether they produce coffee in Kenya or bananas in Brazil.

Educating young people about Fairtrade not only teaches them about how they can shop in a more ethical way; it helps them to think of themselves as global citizens with a responsibility to others. It is empowering to think they can reduce poverty in a country thousands of miles away simply by the way they shop.

Customers who want to enjoy these and other Fairtrade products should look out for the Fairtrade logo when they are shopping so they can be assured that the farmers who produced the product are receiving the benefits of Fairtrade, which include a minimum price and the Fairtrade premium for their community. The logo can be found on some surprising products such as:
•    Co-op Fairtrade Baby Cotton Wool Balls
•    Co-op Irresistible Fruit Nuts and Seed Muesli
•    Co-op Fairtrade Long Stem Roses
•    Co-op Irresistible Fairtrade Chilean Clear Honey
•    Co-op Fairtrade Chardonnay

During Fairtrade Fortnight and beyond, Central England Co-operative encourages customers to challenge themselves to shop more ethically and change the world with their everyday choices.