Euro 2016: The perfect food to enjoy during the top group games

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Are you getting reading to cheer on England as the Three Lions head into battle this summer? Will you be roaring on Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland as they take on some of the biggest names of European football? If you are why not take a look at our food match that allows Central England Co-operative customers to cheer on their team while enjoying a taste of the nations competing in France this summer.

Wales v Slovakia - Saturday, 11 June

Welsh fans can cheer on Gareth Bale and co while enjoying a cup of tea and a meat pie or by munching on sunflower seeds – a popular treat enjoyed by Slovakians. You can pick up a selection of seeds in store for just £2.09 for 200g.

England v Russia - Saturday, 11 June

Three Lions fans can act like they are in the terraces by enjoying a Bovril and a meat pie or they can try some sunflower seeds or a hot dog – dishes that are popular with Russian football fans. Read up on some fantastic pie recipes by visiting here.

Poland v Northern Ireland - Sunday, 12 June

People can get in the mood for this game by following Poland supporters as they enjoy pre-game sausages. Or they can enjoy a nice cup of soup – a pre-match delicacy famed in Northern Ireland. Why not get into the spirit by trying our Truly Irresistible Cumberland Sausages for just £2.99?

Republic of Ireland v Sweden - Monday, 13 June

Bovril is the pre-game warm-up of choice in the Republic of Ireland, however those with a sweet tooth can rejoice by enjoying a Swedish duo of coffee and a cake. You can pick up a range of fresh cakes and pastries from Central England Co-operative in store bakeries.

England v Wales - Thursday, 16 June

As two home nations meet, it is a throw down between a cup of tea or a cup of Bovril. Whether you fancy a brew or a Bovril, Central England Co-operative can help quench your half-time thirst.

Ukraine v Northern Ireland - Thursday, 16 June

This match up will be a choice between a quick snack of sunflower seeds, a favourite of the Ukrainians, up against burgers, coffee and seasonal soup. Try one of our top burger recipes by visiting here.  

Belgium v Republic of Ireland - Saturday, 18 June

The dish of choice for Belgium fans will be chips and mayonnaise, washed down with a beer. Our link-up with campaign There’s A Beer for That offers a whole range of beers for you to enjoy. Find our more here. 

England v Slovakia - Monday, 20 June

England fans may want to sit down and enjoy a Bovril, or they could join the fans of their opponents and munch on some sunflower seeds. Looking for more exciting recipes to keep hunger at bay during the football? Why not head to our Flame Acadamy website to get some ideas.

Wales v Russia - Monday, 20 June

Meat lovers will love this match up as they can cheer on the Welsh while eating a meat pie, or enjoy a hot dog in line with the Russian fans. Why not try a hot dog with a difference by using our Bread de Jour selection of roles from our bakery for just £1.39?

Germany v Northern Ireland - Tuesday, 21 June
Beer and sausage will be the food of choice for anyone wanting to try out what the German fans will be eating. Read about a range of sausage related recipes by visiting here.

Italy v Republic of Ireland - Wednesday, 22 June

Grilled sausage is also a favourite of the Azzuri loving supporters. Central England Co-operative offers a wide selection of sausages – so why not nip down during half-time to join the Italians for an in-game sausage?

All food and drink suggestions were based on a list drawn up by UEFA.

Fans can also enjoy the chance to win a 48in 4K television by taking part in our football themed online game called Back of the Net by visiting here.
Group teams:

  • Belgium: Chips with mayonnaise washed down with beer!
  • England: Bovril and meat pies.
  • France: Sausage sandwich
  • Germany: Beer and sausage
  • Italy: Grilled sausage
  • Northern Ireland: Burgers, coffee and seasonal soup.
  • Romania: Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.
  • Russia: Sunflower seeds, pistachios and other nuts. Hot dogs.
  • Republic of Ireland: Bovril
  • Slovakia: Sunflower seeds.
  • Wales: Tea and a meat pie
  • Poland: Sausage and hot dog.
  • Ukraine: Sunflower seeds.
  • Sweden: Cake and coffee

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