Welcome to Warren's Kitchen

A brand new feature of our food website, Warren's Kitchen is where you can find expert tips, tricks and recipe ideas for even the most discerning taste buds!




We're teaming up with Nottingham-based chef and rising Youtube star Warren Nash to bring you a mouthwatering selection of recipes from winter warmers to summer snacks. All our recipes are carefully crafted with our shoppers in mind, so everything you see here will be simple, easy and delicious.

And the best part? You can pick up all the ingredients in our stores.


Have you tried Chef Warren's delectable Choc Chip Banana Bread recipe yet?

We're celebrating Co-operative Fortnight from June 24th - July 8th. With Fairtrade-approved bananas and chocolate, it's the perfect way to mark the occasion!




This week's highlights...

Cauliflower Rice
Salmon Canapés
Spicy Guacamole
Spicy Tomato & Red Pepper Soup
Chicken Balti
Breakfast Smoothie Bowl
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