Central England Co-operative reveals surprises among New Year shoppers’ baskets

The latest research by Central England Cooperative has revealed customers’ favourite shopping basket items at New Year, with some surprising results. 

The move from a period of indulgence towards a final celebration before people start their New Year’s resolutions is reflected in the range of products snapped up by shoppers.

For the final fling of the party season, wine was up there with the most frequently bought items, along with bottled water and limes (to top off that must-have G&T), ensuring there is an enjoyable tipple for every guest.

Crisps, a perennial party snack, were also top of the list, but it appears customers’ tastes are changing, with the desire for spice meaning sales heated up for Walkers Sunbites Sun Riped Sweet Chilli crisps (£1 for 6) and Walkers Max Paprika Crisps (150g £2) as well as for traditional favourites such as Co-op Salt and Vinegar Crisps (6 x 25g, 90p).

Among non-food items, batteries were up there in the top 10 for those going into stores between 30 December and 2 January, perhaps because those battery-powered Christmas toys have been played with so much!

Central England Co-operative shoppers also love flowers at New Year, either as gifts for those who are hosting a party or as a way to brighten up the home, with fresh flowers symbolising the coming of spring and a fresh start.

Many people will be seeing in 2019 with a whimper rather than a bang, as December and January are also the season for colds and flu. Increased sales of cold remedies last year reflected this, along with painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, perhaps also being bought by those who enjoyed the celebrations a little too much!

New Year’s resolutions often involve a determination to be more healthy and sales of winter vegetables, salad items and ‘health food’ including low calorie, low fat and low sugar versions of everyday items increase significantly at this time of year.

However, the research also revealed that not everybody is quite ready for their health kick before 2 January, and the biggest surprise uncovered was that, in the four days over New Year in 2017, Central England Co-operative sold over 6,000 Cadburys Crème Eggs. Not only that, sales were up by 16% in the period in 2017 compared to the previous year, which goes to show, customers are looking forward to spring, warmer times, and the next big event in the annual calendar.


Notes to editors

About Central England Co-operative

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