Coffin factory staff buzzing after bee colony rehomed to provide honey and wax for local people

Posted by rob smyth | Published: 14/07/2021

A Nottingham coffin manufacturer have helped rehome a colony of bees after they were spotted buzzing about the busy workplace.

Colleagues from Terry Smiths coffin factory, which is based in Huthwaite and is part of Central England Co-op, joined forces with ABM Pest Control and Mansfield Honey Bees to ensure the insects were removed safely and taken to a new home.

A delicate operation was undertaken to coax the bees out of a hive that had developed in the wall of the building before they were secured and transported to their new nearby home to help produce wax and honey for local people to enjoy.

Manager Dave Clarke said: “We knew when colleagues uncovered the colony of bees in the exterior wall of our building we needed to do everything we could to safely remove and protect them.

“We teamed up with a specialist contractor who used a range of methods to safely remove the bees and transport them to a new home in the local area.

“They will now able to enjoy producing honey and wax for many people to enjoy and buzzing around with lots of other bees.

“All of us here at Terry Smiths care about all elements of our community and were so glad we were able to come up with a way of removing the bees to keep our team safe but in a way that aligned with our new purpose of creating a sustainable Society for all.”

The area where the bees were uncovered has now been treated and sealed up in an effort to deter other insects from nesting in the same location.



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Picture caption: Images showcasing the nest of honey bees in a wall outside of Terry Smiths coffin factory, in Nottingham.


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