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Fixed, competitive prices

There are many ways to administer an estate – you can choose to take the responsibility on yourself, or use a solicitor or a professional estate administrator to undertake the obligation for you.  Professional companies charge for their services in different ways: some choosing to charge by the hour, others giving fixed price quotes based on estate size and complexity. 

At Central England Co-operative it’s important to us that you know how much the estate will pay from the start, with no hidden surprises.  That’s why we’ve chosen to work with a paralegal firm whose fixed prices are based purely on estate value, providing you with peace of mind that the estate will be dealt with professionally and that you know exactly what the cost of the service will be.

If you’re a member of Central England Co-operative, you’ll also receive £25 in points value back on your membership card as a thank you from us for trusting us to make this recommendation to you (if you’re not a member, it is very quick and easy to join. Click here for more information)

Our Estate Management partner offers two levels of service:

1. Forms only: This includes applying for Grant of Probate and completion of HMRC forms

2. Full Estate Administration: This is an end to end service; they will deal with all matters related to Probate including contacting all the relevant companies and organisations, valuing assets, dealing with pensions, paying tax liabilities, preparing accounts and distributing assets

Full details of the two levels of service are in the table below together with the fixed prices.   Prices are based on the overall value of the estate, meaning you’ll know from the outset how much the services will cost.   Payment is taken from the estate before final assets are distributed.   If you’d like to discuss the difference between the service levels, please feel free to call on 0800 612 9262.



We’d like to make you aware that our Estate Management partner contributes towards the costs of Central England Co-operative being able to make a recommendation of their services. These costs are not passed on to the customer and do not impact on the price you pay.


Paying for a funeral from Probate

For many people, it is important to create a meaningful, personal funeral for their loved one but the prospect of having to pay for it can be worrying.

As you may be aware, when someone dies their assets are frozen and are generally not released until after Probate has been granted. However, the costs of a funeral can, by law, be paid from the assets of the person who has died before this happens.

What this means for you is, provided the person who has died had sufficient assets in their own name, you don’t have to bear the costs of the funeral.

Our Estate Management partner can deal directly our Funeral Homes to ensure the costs of the funeral are taken care of directly.


Our chosen Estate Management Partner

At Central England Co-operative, it’s important to us and our customers to make the right choices.

So when we were looking for an expert partner to help our customers with Will and Probate Services, it was imperative that they shared our principles and values.

Our chosen Estate Planning partner not only offers expert advice, fixed, competitive prices and rewards for our Members (anyone is welcome to become a member – to find out more, click here, they also plant a tree for every customer.

So you can know that you are making the right choice for you, your family and the environment.